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Пути Назад Нет / No Going Back (2019)

No Going Back
We are proud to present the latest installment by Bellesa Films: No Going Back. This movie explores the theme of friends becoming lovers by giving the audience a view into the private lives of 4 separate pairs of friends. Mike and Alina are roommates who are at odds with each other. When Alina leaves piles of dirty dishes in the sink, Mike washes them properly. But when Mike discovers his clothes on the floor, he storms into Alinas room to reem her out, only to find her pressing her vibrator between her legs. A lecture on roommate etiquette quickly becomes a lesson in erotic arts. Kendra attends her friend Claras bachelorette party and drinks more than she can handle. When she returns to Claras house at the end of the night, Tylerwho was at the house hanging out with Claras fianc, Mattsees how drunk she is and refuses to let her drive home. Instead he takes care of her, makes sure she has everything she needs and then takes off, only to be rewarded by Kendra for his chivalry the next day Avi is married to a man who is away on business more often than not. She hears that Ricky, her high school best friend, is back in town and invites him over hoping he is still the same guy who will be there for her. As they start to reminisce and reconnect, it becomes clear that dormant feelings from their high school days start to resurface. It doesnt take long for their naked bodies to intertwine, reconnecting in a way that both wanted, but neither expected. Since high school, AJ and Damon have cherished a tradition in their friendship of meeting up in a different city every year to see their favourite band play. Their friendship is put to the test this year when they share a single bed in an ice-cold hotel room. With freezing cold temperatures, the long-time friends must get in close to share their body heat. The closer they get, the harder it becomes for them to suppress their palpable attraction for one another, quickly becoming much, much more than friends.
Постер Пути Назад Нет / No Going Back (2019)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: WEBRip
Время: 01:59:04
Страна: USA

Актеры: AJ Applegate, Alina Lopez, Avi Love, Kendra Spade, Tyler Nixon, Ricky Johnson, Damon Dice, Mike Mancini
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Пути Назад Нет / No Going Back (2019)

Плеер AJ Applegate Kendra Spade Alina Lopez

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