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Знак «69» / Badge '69' (1974)

Badge '69'
Murray, credited under her Linda L’Amour pseudonym, toplines as a NYC cop, with the “Dragnet” theme playing. It’s amusing that in the supporting cast, is journeyman porn actor Jack Webb (credited as usual under his nom de film Chris Kissen) -probably a coincidence or somebody at Porn Central Casting was on the ball.
She arrests drunk vagrant Marc Stevens sleeping on a park bench and as usual the film turns to improv “comedy” as he hams it up, replete with Top Hat prop. It’s not long before Murray gives him a b.j.
Her next encounter is when a phony phone repairman shows up at the jail and abuses her at knife point. Stevens masturbates in his cell watching them and a pattern develops, as about half the money shots in the movie are faked.
Judith Hamilton is picked up by Leslie as a panhandler, cueing lesbian action at the station house, and later she’s locked up with Stevens to generate a straight sex scene.
En route to breaking up a domestic disturbance, Leslie is waylaid by a very young Eric Edwards, who throws her into the back seat of his limo and has his way with her. By this time it’s a rap3 in name only, since Murray is very enthusiastic in helping him get off. Director “Roger Stud” stages this sequence in an extremely unconvincing manner, with a set representing the back seat which is way too large and brightly lit to be real.
She finally arrives when Cindy West has already reconciled with her bickering old man, resulting in an impromptu threesome. Open ending to these vignettes implies that a series of Leslie the cop movies could have resulted.
Постер Знак «69» / Badge '69' (1974)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: DVDRip
Время: 00.50.52
Страна: USA

Актеры: Cindy West, Judith Hamilton, Lynn Stevens, Jack Webb, Eric Edwards, Marc Stevens
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Знак «69» / Badge '69' (1974)


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