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  5. Горячая Жена 2 / Hot Wife 2 (2020)

Горячая Жена 2 / Hot Wife 2 (2020)

Hot Wife 2
Just like we always poll our members for their opinions and what they want, Holly's gangbang this week starts off with a vote among the Cocksmen of how they want Holly for her first position. Eddie Jaye wins the vote and gets Holly's head over the edge of the pedestal so she can suck him upside-down.Democracy works! Randy may have lost that initial vote, but he takes a pole of his own and sticks it in Holly froggy-style, a popular new position gaining traction amongst the Cocksman constituency. Before she knows it, Holly is taking it from both ends and couldn't be happier. She is proud to show her husband what a good Cocksman pleaser she is.Holly uses her wedding ring hand to jerk off a dick while she has another in her mouth and another inside her. The guys tit-slap her 36Cs with their cocks while the rest of them take their first turns in Holly's hot hole. After that, she flips over for a little of her favorite position in doggy before taking some rides on Eddie. She follows that up with some spit-roasting between Will and Randy before moving to the floor for more ass-up/face-down action.Next it's back to the bench for creampie #1 from Mr. Jaye. Her hubby breaks out the wand to massage it out of her a little before the load gets mixed around some more by the other Cocksmen, eager to fill Holly up. Hubby knows what Holly likes, so he suggests some planking. Chris, Jason, and Randy all give it a try as Randy releases creampie #2 into Holly while she holds hands with her husband. How sweet. After Randy scoops some of his load from Holly's pussy into her mouth, Eddie tops it off with a second load on her tongue. She is getting thoroughly FUCKED, FILLED, AND FED.The last three creampies come in quick order as Holly transitions to the floor, complete with a RIMMING session for Will. Holly breaks out the wand one more time to work out the FIVE LOADS with a little extra help from gravity.This hotwife just had one amazingly hot gangbang.
Постер Горячая Жена 2 / Hot Wife 2 (2020)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: WEBRip
Время: 01:28:49
Страна: USA

Актеры: Ava Darling, Holly Hotwife, Alex Mack, Chris Cock, Eddie Jaye, Randy Denmark, Will Tile
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Горячая Жена 2 / Hot Wife 2 (2020)

Плеер Holly Hotwife Ava Darling Holly Hotwife

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