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  5. Рецепт на секс / Exzesse in der Frauenklinik (1980)

Рецепт на секс / Exzesse in der Frauenklinik (1980)

Exzesse in der Frauenklinik
The erotic exploits of a sex-crazed French gynecologist are the focus of this white-hot video treat. Shot in Paris, it stars some of the era's tastiest French tarts in scene after scene of come-hither Continental bopping. Whether convincing a sexually frustrated wife that she's still desirable or helping a huge-breasted beauty with her nymphomaniacal urges, you can bet that this doctor has got a distinctly hands-on approach. It's one salaciously silly sexual situation after another as the doctor finds himself careening from erotic exploit to ribald romp. The flick has a tongue-in-cheek spirit about it, reflecting the light-hearted way in which European porn used to style itself. The women are all lushly, curvaliciously gorgeous, from their tousled manes of hair to their mouthwatering natural assets. While none of the French beauties on display here ever made much of a splash in the State, you can be sure that wasn't due to any sexy shortcomings. Every woman here is as stunning and sex-hungry as any of her American contemporaries. So whether you're looking for blisteringly hot European eroticism, bra-busting natural wonders or wacky, fun-filled frolicking, 'Rx for Sex' is sure to have the right prescription to please. This movie was edited in the most important European countries and USA: I desideri di gente bene ITA - La clinique des fantasmes FRA - Clinic of Fantasies UK - Excess in the Ladies' Clinic USA - Exzesse in der Frauenklinik GER - Parties tr?s sp?ciales FRA - RX for Sex USA One of the best Brigitte Lahaie's stuff, highly recommended!
Постер Рецепт на секс / Exzesse in der Frauenklinik (1980)
Перевод: Немецкий
Формат: DVDRip
Время: 01:42:32
Страна: Германия

Актеры: Brigitte Lahaie, France Lomay, Barbara Moose, Alban Ceray, Julia Perrin, Cathy Stewart

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Рецепт на секс / Exzesse in der Frauenklinik (1980)


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