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  5. Зажигательные трусики / Petites culottes chaudes et mouillees (1982)

Зажигательные трусики / Petites culottes chaudes et mouillees (1982)

Petites culottes chaudes et mouillees
There are various extras at the wedding ceremony. Richard Lemieuvre chats up a brunette as he walks through the airport. IMDB lists Marianne Aubert as Patricia Charon, but she appears only briefly in archive footage. I think Patricia Charon is more likely to refer to Dominique Saint-Claire.
Ricardo Bertini makes and sell sexy underwear. He arranges with Lisa to help him launch his new range in France. It isn't clear what relation Jean is to Lisa, perhaps a brother. Lisa drives Jean to the airport to catch his flight and picks up Ricardo, who has been chattin up another passenger (XNK0531), to come to stay at her place. Ricardo seduces her maids (one of whom is Claire Lenoir, the other XNK0532) and a blonde (XNK0534) who shows him a property, but fails with Lisa, as she is more interested in Minouche. There is also a fantasy sequence as he examines a men's mag while sitting in a deckchair. Two females, one in white and one in black stockings, bend through holes in a wall so that Ricardo can see only their legs and behinds. He takes them from behind one after the other and then four more holes appear through which breasts project for him to lick. When we cut back to reality a maid (Claire Lenoir) is giving him a blowjob. Meanwhile Alban gets a massage from an exotic looking brunette (XNK0533) and a little later has sex with Guia Lauri, seemingly while watching Der Frauenarzt vom Place Pigalle on TV. Lisa arranges for half a dozen models (Cathy Stewart, Dominique Saint Clair, Isabelle Brell, XNK0535, XNK0536, XNK0537 and XNK0538) to parade his stuff in front of the pool and later he picks up two of them in a bar (Dominique Saint Clair and Isabelle Brell). They distract him from chatting up the barmaid (XNK0540).
Постер Зажигательные трусики / Petites culottes chaudes et mouillees (1982)
Перевод: Французский
Формат: DVDRip
Время: 01:15:45
Страна: Франция

Актеры: Alban Ceray, France Lomay, Uschi Karnat, H?l?ne Shirley, Claudine Gauthier, Somchit Traymany, Guia Lauri Filzi, Isabelle Brel, Dominique Saint Claire, Catherine Greiner, Claudine Aubert, Aurore Legay, Ingrid Blandow, Jean-Pierre Armand, Dominique Aveline, Marianne Aubert, Jacques Couderc, Ursula Gaussmann, Claire Lenoir, Olivier Mathot, Emmanuelle Par?ze, Nadine Pascal, Mario Pollak
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Зажигательные трусики / Petites culottes chaudes et mouillees (1982)

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