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  5. Меня Зовут Zaawaadi / My Name Is Zaawaadi (2020)

Меня Зовут Zaawaadi / My Name Is Zaawaadi (2020)

My Name Is Zaawaadi
For the first release of his prestigious, new Rocco Siffredi Films label, the porn icon spotlights a special, handpicked new starlet. "My Name Is Zaawaadi" tells the liberating story of a unique African beauty coming out of her shell and fulfilling her most intimate fantasies. Born and raised in a poor village, Zaawaadi ventures to Europe intending to help her struggling relatives - and her bold voyage enlightens her in ways she never thought possible. Rocco's authentic showcase blends in-depth interviews with raw, real sex to reveal the anomaly known as Zaawaadi. Working at a golf course, Zaawaadi meets hot blonde Tiffany Tatum. Immediately charmed, the young, Black explorer agrees to visit Tiffany, putting a love story in motion. Tiffany and Vince Karter court Zaawaadi through a threesome. The passionate affair features buttfucking; drooling, ass-to-mouth fellatio; a cum facial; and lewd sperm swapping. At a luxurious pool, Tiffany introduces Zaawaadi to Italian cutie Martina Smeraldi. Martina scampers off with three black studs (Mike Chapman, Oscar Batty and Yves Morgan), who subject her to wicked anal reaming. Martina's interracial encounter includes manhandling double penetration. Zaawaadi and friends return for a kinky lesbian soiree. Athletic hottie Cherry Kiss and busty MILF Malena join Tiffany and Zaawaadi for an intense foursome. The girls pour milk over Zaawaadi's dark, delicious body. They eat pussy and share multiple, trembling orgasms. Malena and Cherry have a special surprise for Zaawaadi: They bring in Mike, Oscar and Yves for an epic big black cock orgy. This melee serves up slobbering blowjobs, graphic double dicking and the thrill of sodomy, till the guys slather Zaawaadi's face in hot semen.
Постер Меня Зовут Zaawaadi / My Name Is Zaawaadi (2020)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: WEBRip
Время: 03:00:24
Страна: USA

Актеры: Tiffany Tatum, Malena Nazionale, Zaawaadi Martina, Smeraldi Cherry Kiss
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Меня Зовут Zaawaadi / My Name Is Zaawaadi (2020)

Плеер Tiffany Tatum & Vince Karter Yves Morgan & Tiffany Tatum Cherry Kiss & Malena Nazionale Malena Nazionale & Yves Morgan

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