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XConfessions Vol. 24 (2020)

XConfessions volume 24 is here. Shot around the globe from the US to Columbia and then back to where it all began in Barcelona, Erika Lust releases six new explicit short films adapted from the public's anonymous sex confessions shot by Erika herself and an array of talented guest directors.
If you want to time travel, then the futuristic sci-fi Hey Siro will show you the real future of sex complete with AI sucking, licking and fucking. Or if you'd prefer to use your tech for something closer to this century, Homesick, will give you inspiration for the next time you're working away from your partner/s. Casey Calvert and her two partners show us just how cyber sex is done.
Bailo Conmigo celebrates the eroticism of loving yourself while The Night We Met portrays a beautiful first time between two new lovers. Or if you're craving the great outdoors then Park Ranger and Lumberjack will satisfy your urge for a nature bang in the forest.
Finally, if you also have a thing for a tattooed body. Erika Lust's erotic short film Ink Addiction blurs the line between pornography, art, and documentary with a mix of interview, dance and of course, sex with three beautiful bodies covered in art.
Sit back, enjoy, and remember that pleasure is the purpose.
Featuring the following XConfessions short films (Split Scenes):
Bailo Conmigo
Hey, Siro
Ink Addiction
The Night We Met
Постер XConfessions Vol. 24 (2020)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: HDRip
Время: 02:03:49
Страна: USA

Актеры: Adel de Mauclerc, Yumie Volupte, Caroline Flores, Cam Damage, Ten Against, Casey Calvert, Marc Morato, Iana Bet, Lucy Huxley, Romeo, Esluna, Anthony Finch, Jasko Fide

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XConfessions Vol. 24 (2020)

Плеер Bailo Conmigo Hey, Siro Homesick Ink Addiction

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