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  5. Извращенные Удовольствия 2 / Perverted Pleasures 2 (2021)

Извращенные Удовольствия 2 / Perverted Pleasures 2 (2021)

Perverted Pleasures 2
Tiny Tina loves being in charge. The dominant, petite babe soaked in a bubble bath and enjoyed a glass of wine while her slave boy was tied up with a dildo strapped to his mouth. Getting out of the bath, Tina dried off then stood over her slave, squatting down, so she could fuck the dildo attached to his mouth. He mouth-fucked her shaved, tight pussy so good she untied him and sat back with her legs in the air so he could drive that toy so deep it hit her g-spot. A good slave should be rewarded – Tina likes to reward with pussy. She untied him and sucked his cock to get him rock hard then climbed on top and bounced on his dick. Letting him have a chance to take charge, she stood up and bent over so he could rail her from behind. The fun ended in bed with her looking deep into his eyes as he drove his cock deep then pulled out and fired his hot wad into her mouth.
Sybil has a very submissive side she loves to let out from time to time. At this guy’s place for dinner, she was a little surprised when he put her in shackles and a ball gag then sat her at the table. He came into the room in his suit, took the gag from her mouth, and kissed her passionately. Sybil laid down on the table, her dress up and ass out, her hands still bound, and opened wide so he could fuck her mouth. Once his cock was thick and throbbing hard, he spun her around and buried that big rod deep inside her very tight, trimmed pussy. With a collar on her neck and the shackle straps on her wrists and ankles, the drop-dead sexy redhead got on top and rode him while he reached around and grabbed her tight, incredible ass. She came over for dinner and ended up getting dominated, fucked hard, and covered with hot jizz.
OBEY MY CUMMAND - Obeying her Mistress is what Lutro lives for. And Rebecca Volpetti doesn't disappoint her favorite slave boy.
Jenny Wild is dating a guy in a wheelchair who has trouble fully satisfying her sexually. Dressed in just a tiny outfit made of leather straps, the hottie tapes her man’s hands to the wheelchair so he can’t move and then surprises him when she brings another guy into the room. She wants to get fucked by a real man and is going to cuckold her man and make him watch as she cums on this guy’s cock. Right in front of her man, she gives this mystery man head then he bends her over, with her leaning on her man, and fucks her from behind. She grips her man’s shoulders while she cums her brains out. He gives her exactly what she wants and fucks her savagely all over the room. She gags her man, teases his cock, then makes him watch every second of her getting railed by a total stranger then showered with his sticky jizz.
Постер Извращенные Удовольствия 2 / Perverted Pleasures 2 (2021)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: WEBRip
Время: 03:00:16
Страна: USA

Актеры: Tiny Tina, Nick Ross, Sybil A, Charlie Dean, Rebecca Volpetti, Lutro, Jenny Wild, Angelo Godshack, Stanley Johnson

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Извращенные Удовольствия 2 / Perverted Pleasures 2 (2021)

Плеер Jenny Wild Rebecca Volpetti Sybil A Tiny Tina

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