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  5. Грязные Мысли / Dirty Thoughts (2020)

Грязные Мысли / Dirty Thoughts (2020)

Dirty Thoughts
When Victoria Steffanie spots the old classic, Digital Love by Bree Mills, she pulls it off the shelf. Intrigued when she sees her, Natasha Nice has known Victoria for a long time but has never seen her take an interest in books about passionate lesbian love affairs before. Perhaps her friend is entertaining some dirty thoughts? Whitney Wright keeps her back turned to Eliza Ibarra as she brings her cellphone down between her thighs and under her dress, taking a picture of her bare pussy. Satisfied with it, she hits "send" and straightens back up. Eliza is curious, looking over once or twice while still working, although when she checks HER phone and grins, it's clear that SHE'S the lucky one to receive the delicious picture. After Naomi Woods confesses to her girlfriend that the creep at the office was staring at her again, Serena Blair sits on her lap and hugs her, telling her it's going to be ok. There's something that gets her turned on. Serena starts making out with her, promising her that she'll provide the relief she's seeking.
Постер Грязные Мысли / Dirty Thoughts (2020)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: DVDRip
Время: 01:54:27
Страна: USA

Актеры: Eliza Ibarra, Natasha Nice, Whitney Wright, Naomi Woods, Serena Blair, Victoria Steffanie

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Грязные Мысли / Dirty Thoughts (2020)

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