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  5. Грязные Девочки / Filthy Girls (2021)

Грязные Девочки / Filthy Girls (2021)

Filthy Girls
Hardcore NO LIMIT fucking. Plain and simple. This is HER LIMIT. In this edition, we meet 3 new starlets up to the challenge. But are they ready? Directed by Alex Conte and brought to you by LETSDOEIT productions, 2019 XBIZ AWARD WINNER; you won't believe how deep it can really go!
Anal Interview: Soft talking at first, hard anal fucking later, this is how Silvia Dellai likes to play. The Latin essence that runs through her veins gets her hot and intense, so teasing blindfolded proves she’s on a one-way ticket to the anal train. Silvia’s dirty mind tells you to overcome her limit, get her ass fucked until she has enough. Choking and moaning, she totally loves deepthroating. Get that ass destroyed, you can enjoy the gap, boy!
Punishing Misha's ass: Naughty goddess Misha Cross is invited to Her Limit to test how deep she can take it. During the interview with Mike, she confessed what she likes and reveals her natural side: growing plants gives her pride. Her kinky lace lingerie and her blue eyes become the spice that makes Mike's heart race. She gets asked to slap her own ass, then to play with her sexy panties as Mike dives into her pussy. He licks her sweet lips and her butt before pushing his big black cock straight into her ass. This hottie will make you blast! Mike fucks her hard and she enjoys it, then fucks her throat like no one knows it. She sucks it deep and takes it all while even licking up his balls. Then Misha rides his thick black dick until she gets her panties ripped. Getting Mike's cum straight in her mouth was another thing that made her proud!
Anal Love: Stunning Nicole Love was invited to Her Limit to share her experience and her kinky ass with Mike and us. This sexy Czech confessed that her first adult scene ever filmed was anal and she enjoyed it totally. So Mike turned her around, then put Nicole down on her knees where she begged him "please, let me suck your big black cock!" So he deepthroated her a lot until her breath was taken out. Then he fucked her wet tight ass and she rode him like a beast. Her nasty pussy lips were the joy of all thrills, so big and juicy! Mike rubbed them intensely and anal gaped her kinky ass. She's a doll that will make you last!
Постер Грязные Девочки / Filthy Girls (2021)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: WEBRip
Студия: LetsDoeIt/Her Limit
Время: 01:42:42
Страна: USA

Актеры: Cecilia Lion, Julia Rain, Mary Kalisy, Naomi Swann.

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Грязные Девочки / Filthy Girls (2021)

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