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  5. Помолвка Рогоносца #3 / Cuckold's Plight #3 (2021)

Помолвка Рогоносца #3 / Cuckold's Plight #3 (2021)

Cuckold's Plight #3
Cuckold's Plight is back with a new line up of stars as sex hungry as they are merciless, pulling back the curtain on the power imbalances of relationships with four calculating tales. A wife f-rces an old college friend into her marriage when he passes through town in Checkmate.
Riley teaches Oliver a visceral lesson about the reciprocity of infidelity in Don't As Me Where I've Been. Slipping his earpiece in her ea, Alina's manager commands her to do exactly what he tells her as she disappears for a lunchtime quickie with her boyfriend in I Hear You.
And finally, Emily's upwardly mobile boyfriend thinks he's set them both on trac for riches as he pushes and prods her towad an adult career, underestimating her at every turn. With each new story, the distinctions again blur betwee aversion and arousal, jealousy and compersion, frustration and satisfaction, all building to an unforgettable pitch.
Постер Помолвка Рогоносца #3 / Cuckold's Plight #3 (2021)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: HDRip
Студия: Deeper
Время: 02:32:03
Страна: USA

Актеры: Emily Willis, Riley Steele, Evelyn Claire, Alina Ali

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Помолвка Рогоносца #3 / Cuckold's Plight #3 (2021)

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