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  5. Двойной Удар #2 / Double Tap #2 (2021)

Двойной Удар #2 / Double Tap #2 (2021)

Double Tap #2
Russian imported to Paris, the luscious multiple award winner, Anna Polina does not fuck around! Confident, straight to the point and down to earth, the talent is is hard to the core when it comes to encounter Canadian stud Erik Everhard and Czech veteran Thomas. Both handcuffed, Anna Polina takes over by rimming them deeply and by lashing out with an extreme orgazmic DP session!
Petite Rachel Adjani enjoys her afternoon on a sunny day in a French Riviera apartment over looking the beach.
She’s bored, so starts touching herself but just cannot get herself off. Frustrated she decides to call on the service of two men to give her the pleasure she seeks. Upon arrival, her two boys toys start to add real enjoyment and fun to Rachel's desirers as they start to work on her and build up to a deep hard DP session, once satisfifed Rachel gets rid of them, there job is done.
The tall big tits blonde Anita Vixen just can't be satisfied with only toying herself anally...Her appetite is huge and she is never satiated, enough is never enough. One guy barely satisfies Anita's hunger, so surely another one could help her getting stuffed. Well, in this case, she brings up Czech veteran Neeo and the legend Franco Roccaforte for a memorable DP straight out from the vault and never been
Lady Gang makes her first appearence on SINematica Brand and what a special treat this is. This 25 years Czech stunner proves she's an all-around performer specialized in gang bang, DP's and naturally into DAP's. With the help of recently published author Erik Everhard and Czech Veteran actor Kristof Cale, Lady Gang demonstrates the art of double anal and its quirks to achieve such an act. These are professionals and this should not be tried at home.
Постер Двойной Удар #2 / Double Tap #2 (2021)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: WEBRip
Студия: Sinematica
Время: 02:12:00
Страна: USA

Актеры: Anna Polina, Rachel Adjani, Anita Vixen, Lady Gang

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Двойной Удар #2 / Double Tap #2 (2021)

Плеер Anna Polina Anita Vixen Lady Gang Rachel Adjani

Смотреть Двойной Удар #2 / Double Tap #2 (2021) онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве, дублированый перевод на русском языке можно на любом удобном для Вас устройстве, это может быть ПК или мобильный телефон, а так же планшет, айфон и андроид (OK Google).
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