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  5. Неверные Жены / 42 Ans Femme Infidele (2013)

Неверные Жены / 42 Ans Femme Infidele (2013)

42 Ans Femme Infidele
Be swept away by these mature, married, cheating women in a whirlwind of pleasure and depravity.
In couples or groups, these six dirty cheating old school bitches just love to play really kinky games to spice up their housewife lives. These seven mind-blowing sex scenes are going to show you just how they do it and take you to a world of forbidden pleasure.
Franki, a married woman of 42, is looking at a photo of her adored lesbian lover. Fingering herself increasingly lustfully though her panties, she starts to arouse the three men in the room. Swallowing one prick completely while straddling the other two, Franki reaches a shuddering orgasm thanks to this amazing adulterous double penetration.
As soon as her husband is away, Tiffany loves getting fucked several guys at a time. This young well-to-do girl, who has only just turned up at the bar, doesn't waste any time in seducing two guys who don't take very long to make her come filling all of her holes with their energetic cocks. Later on, here's the fabulous Franki again. Still cheating and greedy for group sex games, teamed with the lavish Liza, she gives herself up to two strong manhoods until they cover the girls' burning hot bodies with thick spunk.
And the best is yet to come....
Постер Неверные Жены / 42 Ans Femme Infidele (2013)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: BDRip
Студия: Marc Dorcel
Время: 01:43:26
Страна: France

Актеры: Franki, Holly Kiss, Kai Taylor, Lara Latex, Liza Del Sierra, Mercedes, Tiffany Doll

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Неверные Жены / 42 Ans Femme Infidele (2013)

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