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День фантазера / Day Dreamer (1975)

Day Dreamer
Our atrocity is Day Dreamer. It’s that age old story about a man and his dong. George is a lazy meat puppet who’s having marital problems. He’d rather read Penthouse than sleep with his scary wife whom he refers to as “a rhino in heat.” After she storms out of the house, George falls asleep on his couch and fantasizes about different sexual scenarios.
Poof! A skinny nude woman appears who is so flat, she could wear an 18 hour bra in 15 minutes. She gums his pod but George has trouble maintaining an erection. (Houston, we have a problem!) Finally, his moisture missile is poised for takeoff and she crawls on top of it.
In the other interludes, he’s a cop who administers a Breathalizer Test to an agile brunette, and a milkman who delivers some cream to a customer who proves she’s definitely not lactose intolerant. As fantasies go, it’s apparent George hasn’t got much of an imagination since he gets it on with the same girl wearing three different wigs!
Unfortunately for George, reality intrudes when his wife comes home. She finds him sprawled on the sofa with his oompa loompa sticking out of his zipper. “You make me gag!” she sneers, staring at the flea circus that passes for George’s groin.
Постер День фантазера / Day Dreamer (1975)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: WEB-DL
Студия: Something Weird Video
Время: 00.50.53
Страна: USA

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День фантазера / Day Dreamer (1975)

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